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Kitchen Renovation

Our Kitchen Renovation Process

We at Iron Horse specialize in kitchen renovations, offering certified professionals to ensure top-notch quality. Our team is dedicated to transforming your kitchen into a functional and stylish space, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Trust us for a certified and expert approach to your kitchen renovation project.

Our Process is Simple


We talk with you to understand what you want for the project.


We follow your directions and create a design for the renovation.

Make It Real

The Kitchen Of Your Dream

Craft the perfect kitchen with our comprehensive services tailored to your needs. From kitchen backsplash and wall removal to electrical, lighting, flooring, and more, we bring your kitchen dreams to life. Trust our team for expert guidance and meticulous execution, ensuring a kitchen that becomes the heart of your home.


Essential to every kitchen renovation, plumbing is pivotal in supplying water to sinks, faucets, and appliances. A thorough plumbing assessment is crucial for identifying issues and ensuring adequate water supply for cooking and cleaning. Our professional plumbing team conducts efficient assessments, repairs, and installations, guaranteeing a seamless and successful kitchen renovation project.


A reliable electrical service is vital for a successful kitchen renovation. Appliances, chargers, and gadgets require efficient power sources. Our licensed electricians ensure a smooth process by addressing potential issues and devising a tailored electrical plan. Trust our experienced team to handle every aspect, making your kitchen renovation project seamless and worry-free.


Revitalize your bathroom by upgrading to durable and stylish flooring options such as tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. Our experts guide you in choosing the perfect flooring for your project, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional durability. Elevate your space effortlessly with flooring that not only withstands foot traffic but also enhances your bathroom’s overall appeal, creating a lasting impression of style and quality.


The countertop is a pivotal aspect in kitchen design, seamlessly blending style with functionality. Serving as a versatile surface for various activities, popular choices in kitchen renovations include durable granite, luxurious marble, resilient quartz, and budget-friendly laminate. With a variety of styles and colors, finding the perfect countertop to complement your kitchen design is effortless.


Sinks are a vital hub in the kitchen, with people spending over 60% of their time there. Choosing the right sink during a kitchen renovation is crucial. Popular styles include undermount, offering a modern, floating look; single-bowl, ideal for dishwashing and vegetable cleaning; and double-bowl, suitable for large families or multitasking. Select a sink that complements your kitchen’s design and fulfills your specific needs for a successful kitchen remodel.


Revitalize your kitchen with drywall removal and replacement—a transformative process that conceals imperfections and provides a smooth, easy-to-finish surface. Our skilled drywall contractors handle every step, from demolition and repairs to the installation of new drywall, ensuring a seamless and effective renovation for your kitchen.


Elevate your kitchen renovation with a crucial touch—wall painting. This affordable and easy improvement enhances the overall appearance and ambiance, also preventing mold and mildew growth in this high-use area. Painting brightens and invites warmth. Our contractors expertly prep and prime walls, ensuring a long-lasting paint job. Whether refreshing or opting for a new hue, we’ve got your kitchen covered!


Distinguished renovation specialists, we redefine tradition with smart home innovation. Our certified team excels in smart home technology, seamlessly integrating automation for unparalleled convenience. Specializing in advanced technologies, we craft intuitive systems for daily tasks. Experience the future of interconnected living, where modernity meets comfort and efficiency. Transform your home with our distinguished and tech-savvy services.

Before any work commences, we present a meticulously crafted sketch of our proposed project. This visual blueprint allows clients to witness and appreciate the transformative journey their space will undergo, right from the outset. It’s our way of ensuring transparency, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that the final outcome impeccably aligns with your vision.

"Let's just start by saying that time is money and those guys were more than accurate with timing, every step was done on time and without hassles. The attention to details is a big plus with very clean work.. I noticed that sometimes they change the way of doing one thing to another way that might require more work / time but as long as the result is way nicer... Quality over quantity."

Ahmed in Scarborough

"Awesome work guys, Everything was done perfectly. This was my second project with these guys. They know how to work, and they are very patient and easygoing. That’s what you need in any project. Thank you so much guys. I appreciate your works. All the best."

A. in Toronto

"They did plumbing in my basement bathroom in one day ( 3 pieces, shower pan, brake concrete for drain) Fair price, excellent quality, fast and reliable would recommend them and will call them again."


"I got a full bathroom completed in my basement and epoxy in the Garage. Emad and his team did a great quality job and got everything completed within the committed timeline and on budget. I had a very good experience and would recommend Emad and his team."